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Home Insulation Grants

Home Insulation is one of the best ways to make your property more energy efficient. All private households in the UK qualify for a Government-backed insulation grant for Cavity and Loft Insulation.

100% Free Insulation Grants are available to cover the full cost of having Cavity Wall or Loft Insulation professionally installed, regardless of circumstances or postcode area.

The up-front cost of External Wall Insulation is provided by the Green Deal which is a loan against the property, re-paid via savings on heating bills.

The Insulation Grant funding is provided by the UK's six main energy suppliers. The scheme is known as ECO (Energy Companies Obligation), whereby the Government have set the energy suppliers targets to reduce carbon emissions from domestic properties.

The initial Government target was for suppliers to reduce carbon emissions in UK households by April 2015, but the scheme has been extended until April 2017. However, there is no guarantee that Insulation Grants will last until then. Once the funding runs out, the scheme will end. Don't delay, Apply Online for your grant now.

Insulation Grant Criteria

Home Insulation grants are available to fit Insulation retrospectively to private domestic properties. They are not available for new-build projects although our installers can quote for the work. The main criteria to qualify for an insulation grant is that you own your property or rent from a private landlord.

It is the occupier who qualifies for the grant, so they must be living at the property or have a gas or electricity bill in their name if it is being renovated. The Insulation must be fitted by professional installers so DIY projects do not qualify.

EnergyLink Ltd. can put you in touch with an approved Installer in your local area, who has access to grant funding and can offer a free no-obligation survey. Whilst Grants are available in Northern Ireland, the schemes are set up differently so EnergyLink only operate across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Main Qualifying Criteria

  • Existing domestic households.
  • Owned or privately rented.
  • Applicant lives at property.
  • Not for DIY projects.
  • England, Scotland & Wales.

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Free Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation

All private householders qualify for free Cavity Wall or Loft Insulation, regardless of income, benefits or postcode area. The only criteria is that you own the property or rent from a private landlord.

Some Lofts may not qualify for a 100% grant but you can still receive a grant of between 50% and 70% leaving just £49 to £199 to pay.

Read more about free Cavity Wall Insulation or Loft Insulation.

External Wall Insulation Finance

Properties with Solid Walls require External Wall Insulation. This typically costs between £7,000 and £15,000 but the up-front amount can be funded with a Green Deal loan.

Read more about free External Wall Insulation.

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Home Insulation Advantages

A poorly insulated home can lose up to 60% of its heat, meaning more fossil fuel is burned to compensate, and more carbon dioxide is produced which is known to damage the environment.

Installing Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation can save you up to £300 per year on your fuel bills and will reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by up to 1.4 tonnes. You will feel more comfortable in your home, not only warmer in the Winter but also cooler in the Summer. The value of your home will increase as will its energy efficiency rating. In addition, Insulation also helps to reduce the build-up of condensation on ceilings and walls.

Home Insulation
  • Save up to £300 per year on your home energy bills.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1.4 tonnes per year.
  • Feel warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer.
  • Increase the value and saleability of your property.
  • Reduce the build-up of condensation on ceilings and walls.

Insulation Grant Restrictions

The Grants provide for average sized properties. For example: if you live in a larger than average three bedroom semi, you may have to pay an additional charge regardless of which Grant you qualify for. This is calculated by charging a small amount for every square metre over the allowable limit.

There are also restrictions on the depth of Loft Insulation that can already be installed. For the 100% Free Grant, this is normally 2.5" or 60mm. The surveyor will advise you of any such additional costs.

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How can EnergyLink help with Home Insulation?

To claim your Home Insulation grant, complete our short application form. We will then allocate you to an approved local installer who will contact you to arrange a free, no-obligation survey.

If your home is suitable and you would like to proceed, the work will be arranged. The Installer completes the work and then invoices an energy supplier or managing agent for the grant amount.