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arrow Findings of RHI interim cost control consultation announced 11 June 2012
The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have today revealed the findings of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) interim cost control consultation, which will see the year one RHI budget reduced and the trigger point notice period set at one week.

arrow RHI consultation on interim cost control 11 May 2012
On Monday 26th March 2012, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) launched a consultation that detailed plans to implement a cost control mechanism for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

arrow Get Solar Panels and beat unpredictable energy price rises 19 January 2012
On Tuesday, Scottish Power became the last of the ‘big six’ energy providers to announce cuts to their gas or electricity prices by around 5% in early 2012. However, with the cost of energy continuing to rise in the long term, one way to beat the increases and even lower energy bills is by investing in Solar Panels.

arrowDECC add £197 million to FIT budget 10 January 2012
Today brought the welcome news that DECC have added £197 million to the Solar PV FIT budget for small-scale green energy incentives. The move is designed to stop the FIT scheme from going over budget and has been achieved by DECC re-allocating funds set aside for the Renewables Obligation incentive scheme.

arrow Solar panel prices reduced by up to 20% 9 January 2012
A number of Solar PV installers have reduced their Solar Panel prices by up to 20%, following the Government imposed Solar PV Feed-in Tariff (FIT) cut, to make an investment into Solar Panels more profitable and viable.

arrow New Feed-in Tariff starts today 12 December 2011
Following protests and challenges from the Solar Power Industry, today, Monday 12th December, marks the start of the new and reduced 21p FIT rate for UK Solar Panel installations up to 4kWh in size. The consultation is due to close in 11 days on 23rd December.

arrow Solar Thermal RHI Scheme for Non Domestic Customers Now Open 28 November 2011
As of today, Non-Domestic customers can apply to Ofgem to be paid for the heat they generate from Solar Thermal under the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

arrow Solar Feed In Tariff Vote Defeated 24 November 2011
The UK Government have confirmed that there will be no extension to the proposed deadline of 12th December and that Feed in Tariff cuts for Solar Panels will go ahead, despite opposition from the UK Solar Industry.

arrow UK Coalition Goes Green With The New Renewable Heat Incentive 11 March 2011
The Coalition Government spending review has rarely been out of the news since the country entered into this review in October 2010. But March 10th 2011 is a day of positive news for anyone considering Renewable Heat and companies in the Renewable Heating industry. Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has finally announced the first stage of the Renewable Heat Incentive or RHI.

arrow Retail Price Index rise ensures sunny outlook for solar power generation 25 February 2011
While the rising rate of inflation has left clouds hanging over UK high street, it also has bought the promise of bright times ahead for individuals willing to join the solar energy revolution.

arrow Solar PV Panels Work In Winter 11 November 2010
A Solar PV system doesn't need a nice hot day to produce electricity. On a sunny cold day, or even a cloudy day, it will still produce electricity.

arrow Renewable Heat Incentive - Update 25 October 2010
To the great relief of the Renewable Energy industry, George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed in the October Comprehensive Spending Review that £860 million in funding would be made available for the Renewable Heat Incentive to start in 2011.

arrow Why you’re better off without a Grant for Solar! 15 October 2010
There is an ever growing interest from the general public in Renewable Energy. Increasingly, as the fear of large rises in fuel bills grows, and concerns about global warming become greater, people are looking to Renewable Energy technologies such as Solar PV as a way of reducing fuel bills and their Carbon Footprint.

arrow Solar Panels for Your Home are Better Than Money in The Bank! 12 October 2010
Since April 2010 more than 10,000 Solar PV systems have been installed across the UK. According to market analysts, iSupply, there has been a growth of 1500% since 2009.

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UK Feed in Tariff scheme gives big boost to Solar ...
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arrow UK Feed in Tariff scheme gives big boost to Solar PV market 7 October 2010
A new report suggests that the outlook for the Renewable Energy market in the UK has never been sunnier. In their report on the UK PV Market 2010, Industry analysts Solarbuzz, show that the UK Feed in Tariff scheme has already produced a huge increase in the number of Solar PV installations across the UK.

arrow Hot Water Solar Panels - Free Energy Is Hot News. 15 March 2010
Imagine being offered a grant for ten billion years of free energy. Grants for hot water solar panels and other renewable energy products are available, helping to warm your morning bath without warming the planet. But how do you get a free grant, and find the right product for you?

arrow Understanding Feed In Tariffs - Free Electricity From Solar PV. 15 March 2010
Feed In Tariffs have been talked about for a while - but finally they're almost here. Learn how you can benefit from renewable energy at home, and even have the energy companies paying you instead of sending you bills.

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