The Energy Saving Trust recommend that you receive at least
three quotes from approved local Solar PV installers.

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A domestic Solar PV system typically costs between £3,000 to £6,000 depending on system size.
There are NO up-front grants and NO free systems available. FITs cover the cost.

I understand there are NO up-front grants and       NO free systems available.

An Energy Advisor will call you back during office hours to check your roof and organise your quotes.

Solar Panels Earn up to £900 Each Year

The Solar PV Feed in Tariff pays private households with Solar Panels 14.38p for each unit of electricity generated, for 20 years. A Solar PV system will cost from £3,000 depending on the size. Feed in Tariff earnings and bill savings typically mean that the cost can be recovered within 10 years. Feed in Tariff income is tax free for all domestic owner occupiers.

EnergyLink can arrange for you to have up to three quotes from approved Solar PV Installers in your local area. This avoids rogue tradesmen and can result in large savings on the cost of your system. Even though incentives are available to dramatically reduce the payback time, it is important to make sure that the initial installation cost is competitive.

What Is Solar PV?

Solar PV or photovoltaic systems convert light from the sun into electricity that can be used to power lighting and other appliances. Large savings can therefore be made on electricity bills.

Solar PV

  • Light from the sun generates electricity.
  • Save on bills by using this electricity.
  • Feed in Tariffs pay for each unit produced.
  • Sell surplus electricity back to the grid.
  • Earn & save hundreds of pounds each year.

Feed in Tariffs are paid by the energy companies for all units of electricity generated by a Solar PV system. A small payment is also available for any surplus electricity fed back into the grid. Most energy companies will assume that this is 50%.

The Energy Saving Trust recommend that you receive at least
three quotes from approved local Solar PV installers.

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Is My Property Suitable?

There are several points to consider before installing Solar PV. You should be aware of the likely costs and potential savings as illustrated by our Feed in Tariff Calculator.

You should have a basic understanding of the Feed In Tariffs and the fact that the large up-front cost will take several years to recover. Read more about Feed in Tariffs.

The roof or land must also be owned by you, or you must have written consent from the owner. If the property is a listed building or situated in a conservation area or world heritage site, you should check with your local authority before going any further as planning permission is far less likely to be obtained.

Solar PV Checklist
Solar PV costs £3,000 to £6,000 depending on the size. tick
Understand the potential savings and benefits. tick
You must own the roof/land or have the owner's permission. tick
No restrictions e.g. listed building, conservation area. tick
At least 8m2 of space to locate panels (1 kWp system). tick
Panels ideally face South East to South West (via South). tick
Panels will not be shaded by buildings, trees, etc. tick
To be fitted by approved Installers, not DIY. tick

In most cases, Solar Panels are located on a roof. You must have at least 8m2 of space available to situate the panels for a 1kWp system. Solar Panels will perform best on roofs that face somewhere between South East and South West via South. Panels on a roof that is directly South-facing will generate the most electricity.

EnergyLink’s Solar Installers can also fit Solar Panels onto East and West facing roofs. In these circumstances, the panels are often installed on both faces for maximum benefit and without significant reduction in the amount of electricity generated.

Other directions – including North West, North and North East – are not suitable for Solar Panels.

The proposed panel location should not be shaded by trees, buildings or other obstacles. If panels are to be installed on a roof, which is the most common location, it should be strong enough to take the weight. If you are unsure of the available space, the direction the roof faces or whether it is shaded then use our Roof Checker. You can also fill in our form and we will check the roof for you.

The Energy Saving Trust recommend that you receive at least
three quotes from approved local Solar PV installers.

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How Can EnergyLink Help Me?

EnergyLink can arrange for you to receive up to three quotes from MCS accredited Installers in your local area, to ensure you get the best price. Our Installers can all carry out free, no-obligation surveys of your property. If the surveys show that your property is suitable and you are willing to go ahead, the Installer you choose will arrange the work and assist you with the FITs.

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Your property must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of
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