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Domestic Renewable Heat Incentives (RHIs)

As well as transforming the sun’s energy into hot water, Solar Thermal technology has the power to earn and save you money.

Under the government-funded Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), technologies including Solar Thermal Panels will earn payments for every unit of heat generated.

Domestic RHIs

  • Invest in Solar Thermal technology
  • Make money generating Renewable Heat
  • Payments for each unit generated
  • Receive payments for 20 years
  • Make savings on hot water costs
  • Due to start in April 2014

The RHI scheme is being launched in two phases. Payments for non-domestic systems started in November 2011, while those for domestic Solar Thermal systems are due to start in April 2014.

A Renewable Heat Incentive Premium Payment of £300 is available to domestic customers now.

Renewable Heat Incentive Phases
Phase 1

Phase 2
(from April 2014)
arrow  Domestic RHI Premium Payment

arrow  Commercial RHI (28/11/2011)
arrow  Domestic RHI
    (systems installed now will qualify)


Any installation that took place from July 2009 will qualify for the RHI, but only from the date it is registered with the scheme once it is launched.

Under the planned tariff levels – which will go up in line with inflation – a domestic Solar Thermal system will receive 18p per kW generated. The table below shows some savings and earnings examples:

  Fuel Type
 Saving (£)

 RHI Payment (£)
 from April 2014
 Total Saving (£)
 from April 2014
ROI (%)
Gas £50 £250 £300 7.5
Electricity £80 £250 £330 8.3
Oil £55 £250 £305 7.6
Solid £60 £250 £310 7.8

Based on a typical household with 3 to 5 occupants.
Solar Thermal Panels generating 1,400 kW @ 18p per kW = £252.
Return on Investment based on a system cost of £4,000.

Greater savings/earnings can be achieved where there is
high hot water demand and a larger system is fitted.

Read more about how Solar Thermal technology works.

We are unable to assist with quotes for Solar Thermal at this time.
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Who Qualifies For Renewable Heat Incentives?

Full details of the scheme have not yet been released ahead of the April 2014 launch. However, it is highly likely that RHIs will only be available to homeowners in England, Scotland and Wales. Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation should also be installed, if the property is suitable.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Criteria
  • Available to private, domestic homeowners
  • Living in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Must have Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation installed
  • Systems to be fitted by approved Solar Installers
  • May be necessary to provide feedback on performance
  • Could require monitoring equipment to be fitted.

The Solar Thermal Hot Water system must also be installed by approved installers using equipment that is approved for the scheme. It may also be necessary to provide regular feedback on the performance of the system and have monitoring equipment fitted.

Why install Solar Thermal now - Can I get a Grant?

It may be tempting to wait until April 2014 before installing Solar Thermal panels but systems installed before then will still qualify for RHIs.

By installing Solar Thermal now, you can start making savings on your hot water bills and help protect the environment. You may also qualify for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment which is a Grant of £300 available now.

How can EnergyLink help?

EnergyLink can arrange for you to receive up to three quotations from approved Solar Thermal installers in your local area.

This avoids rogue tradesmen and ensures that you get a competitive price from a reputable company that can also advise you clearly about RHI payments.

The less you pay for a Solar Thermal system, the greater your Return on Investment will be.

We are unable to assist with quotes for Solar Thermal at this time.
Please bookmark this site and come back at a later date.

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