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Renewable Heat Premium Payment Grant

What is the Renewable Heat Premium Payment Grant?

The intention of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment is to bridge the gap until the full domestic RHI is launched in April 2014. For Solar Thermal, a Grant payment of £300 is available now.

By supporting the installation of around 40,000 Renewable Heat systems, including Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps, and Biomass, the Government aims to achieve a balanced spread of green heating systems across the UK.

£300 Renewable Heat Premium Payment
  • Will bridge the gap until domestic RHI is launched
  • Total of £25m Grant funding available
  • Support for approximately 40,000 installations
  • RHPP payments are available now
  • Solar Grants must be used within 3 months
  • Scheme will gather performance data

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) is available now. A total of £25m is available with £3m of this being set aside for private landlords.

In addition to encouraging homeowners to adopt Renewable Heat technologies before the domestic RHI launches in April 2014, the aim of this Grant scheme is to gather valuable feedback and data on system performance.

We are unable to assist with quotes for Solar Thermal at this time.
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Who qualifies for the Premium Payment?

The Premium Payment is aimed at ALL homeowners wishing to install Solar Thermal Panels. Other Renewable Heat installations such as Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps will only qualify if they are off the gas grid. This is due to the higher carbon content and cost of non-gas fuels.

For homes to qualify, they must have 250mm of Loft Insulation and have Cavity Wall Insulation, if the property is suitable for these measures.

Criteria for RHPP

  • Homeowners in England, Scotland & Wales
  • Regardless of current fuel used
  • Must have Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation
  • System to be fitted by approved installers
  • Provide feedback on performance
  • Some to have monitoring equipment

The Solar Thermal system must be fitted by an approved installer using equipment that is approved for use on the scheme. EnergyLink can help you to find these installers.

Homeowners must give feedback on how the equipment performs by completing two surveys, 6 months apart. Some owners may be required to have monitoring equipment fitted.

The property must also be suitable for the installation of Solar Thermal Panels. Please see the checklist on our main Solar Thermal page.

How do I claim the Renewable Heat Premium Payment?

The first step is to check that your property is suitable for Solar Thermal Panels by arranging three quotes from approved installers.

Your home must have 250mm of Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation, if it is possible to have them installed. Regardless of whether your property is suitable for Solar Thermal or whether you go ahead, it is advisable to have a well insulated home.

Government-backed Home Insulation Grants are available to cover all or most of the installation cost. Read more about Home Insulation Grants.

Renewable Heat Premium Payment Process
  • 1) Get three quotes to check your property is suitable
  • 2) Ensure Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation are installed
  • 3) Apply for RHPP voucher via EST
  • 4) Get Solar Thermal system professionally installed
  • 5) Return Premium Payment voucher and installer invoice
  • 6) RHPP is transferred to bank account

Once you know your property is suitable and your Insulation is installed or arranged, you will then need to apply for your RHPP voucher via the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Providing your application is approved, the EST will issue the voucher. Once the system is installed, the voucher and a copy of the installer's invoice should be returned to the EST and the Renewable Heat Premium Payment will be made directly to your bank account.

Will I qualify for RHI if I receive the Premium Payment?

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) who are the Government department that created the scheme have stated:

"People who have installed the kit under the Premium Payments will also be eligible for support through the RHI providing they meet the eligibility criteria of the full RHPP scheme, as will anybody else who has installed eligible equipment since 15 July 2009".

Read more about the full Renewable Heat Incentive.

How can EnergyLink help?

EnergyLink can arrange for you to receive up to 3 quotes from approved local installers. Apart from ensuring you will receive Renewable Heat Premium Payments, it is also important to shop around because the less you pay for a system, the quicker the payback will be.

We can also help you with Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation by putting you in touch with a reputable local installer who has access to Government-backed Grant funding.

We are unable to assist with quotes for Solar Thermal at this time.
Please bookmark this site and come back at a later date.

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