What is Commercial Solar?

Businesses across the UK – including factories, offices and education facilities – are increasingly realising the benefits of installing Commercial Solar Panels to earn a significant income, make substantial savings on energy bills and improve green credentials.

A Commercial PV Solar system consists of Solar Panels which convert the sun’s light into electricity using Photovoltaic (PV) cells. Businesses can then take advantage of this generated energy by using it for free to power lighting, technology and machinery.

Commercial Solar Panels

  • Energy from sun generates electricity
  • Feed-in Tariffs pay for each unit produced
  • Substantial savings on electricity bills
  • Earn & save thousands of pounds per year
  • Excellent Return on Investment

What are the benefits of Commercial Solar Panels?

Commercial Solar Panels represent a secure, risk free, and extremely profitable opportunity for Businesses of all sizes, with a Return on Investment typically around 13%.

Through the Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, Businesses will receive guaranteed payments for each unit of energy that the Commercial Solar Panels produce for the next 20 years, providing a profitable income.

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The Feed-in Tariff gives Businesses three ways to earn and save money, through the Generation Tariff, Export Tariff, and Bill Savings:

The Generation Tariff pays between 7.1p and 13.99p for each unit, or kWh, of electricity that is used. These payments are secure and last for 20 years from installation.

The Export Tariff pays an additional 4.5p for each unit of electricity that is not used and is exported back to the national grid. Most utility companies will assume that 50% of the energy generated is exported.

Substantial Bill Savings are also to be gained, as the Green Energy produced by Commercial Solar Panels can be used to power lighting, technology and machinery for free, reducing the need to buy the energy from the grid. As Businesses use up to 100% of the electricity generated, the Bill Savings are typically larger than those for domestic Solar Panels.

Feed-in Tariff rates for different Commercial PV Solar systems are shown in the table below:

Commercial Solar FIT rates * Generation Tariff Level (p/kWh)
System Size
  Systems installed from 1st Nov 2012 to
31st Jan 2012
Over 4kWp up to 10kWp 13.99
Over 10kWp up to 50kWp 13.03
Over 50kWp up to 150kWp 11.5
Over 150kWp up to 250kWp 11.0
Over 250kWp up to 5MW 7.1
Up to 5MW Standalone** 7.1
* Prices shown are in pence per kilowatt hour (p/kWh).
** Standalone systems only feed electricity back into the grid.

Generating and using electricity, through Solar PV Panels, will also offer protection from rising energy costs and remains one of the most energy and cost efficient ways to cut CO2 emissions, reduce your carbon footprint and boost green credentials.

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How much does a Commercial PV Solar system cost?

Commercial Solar systems tend to range between 4kWp and 50kWp in size, although it is possible to install systems up to 5MW. Prices vary depending on system size, but typically cost between £7,500 for a 4kWp system and up to £87,500 for a 50kWp system.

Through Feed-in Tariff payments, Businesses can expect to recover the cost of installation in around 7 years and get a profitable Return on Investment of around 13%.

For example, a large Business with 240 square meters of roof space available may opt for a 30kWp Commercial Solar PV system, which would cost an estimated £52,500 to install.

Through the Feed-in Tariff payments, the Business could expect to recuperate £6,847 per year in Commercial Solar earnings and savings, recovering the cost of installation within 7 years and giving a profitable return of £136,940 in income and savings over the 20 year FIT period.

The table below highlights estimated costs and savings for Commercial PV Solar systems suitable for Businesses - 10kWp, 25kWp and 50kWp - as well as the impressive Return on Investment:

Estimated Costs and Savings
System Size
Estimated System Cost (£) 17,500 43,750 87,500
Electricity Generated (kWh) 8,684 21,710 43,420
Generation Tariff Income (£ per year) 1,215 2,829 5,658
Export Tariff Income (£ per year) 195 488 977
Electricity Bill Savings (£ per year) 955 2,388 4,776
Total Income & Savings (£ per year) 2,365 5,705 11,411
Total Income & Savings over 20 years (£) 47,300 114,100 228,220
Return on Investment 13.5% 13% 13%
Carbon Savings (kg CO2 per year) 4,681 11,702 23,403

To discover how much your Business could earn and save through Commercial Solar Panels, fill in the Solar PV Feed in Tariff Calculator. If your Business is likely to use all of the energy it generates, select 0% for Estimated Export.

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Which Companies can benefit from Business Solar Panels?

To benefit from Business Solar Panels, a Company must:
  • Have at least 32m2 of roof space available for a 4kWp system.
  • Get permission from the Distribution Network Operator before installation.
  • Have a roof that is strong enough to support Solar Panels.
  • Own the land or property where the Solar Panels are to be fitted.
  • Have no restrictions, for example a listed building or a conservation area.
  • Understand the typical upfront costs - approximately between £7,500 and £87,500.
  • Have a roof which faces between East and West (via South).
  • Have a roof which is not shaded by buildings, tall trees etc.

How can EnergyLink help?

If your Business is ready to take advantage of the earnings and savings from Commercial Solar Panels, EnergyLink can arrange for you to receive up to three no-obligation surveys and quotes from MCS accredited Installers of large-scale Commercial PV in your local area.

If the surveys show that your property is suitable, and you wish to have Commercial Solar Panels fitted, the allocated Installer will arrange to carry out the work and assist with the Feed-in Tariffs.

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