Understanding Feed In Tariffs

Free Electricity From Solar PV

Monday, 1 January 2010

Feed In Tariffs have been talked about for a while - but finally they're almost here. Learn how you can benefit from renewable energy at home, and even have the energy companies paying you instead of sending you bills.

In the time it takes to say 'Feed In Tariffs' the sun will have hurled 400 million tons of itself out into space for anyone to use as free energy. So why are you still paying the energy companies for your electricity?

With the new Feed In Tariffs, almost anyone can now benefit from a range of free energy solutions which means cheap, or even free energy for life, and a guaranteed contract which means that for the next 20 to 25 years the energy companies will buy surplus energy from you.

A solar PV system, also know as a solar photovoltaic system, enables you to harness the power of the sun's energy, converting this into electricity and either storing this in a battery system, using it immediately as free, green energy, or feeding it back into the grid for your own financial benefit.

The concept sounds very appealing, and with fuel prices rising steadily, and a growing awareness that time is running out for fossil fuels, starting to use renewable energy at home is an attractive idea. But the initial cost of purchasing and installing renewable energy products such as solar panels, as well as the hassle of organising installation and setting up of contracts can all be rather off-putting. Fortunately, it needn't be. The Energy Grants website has brought together into one place everything you need to take advantage of the new Feed In Tariffs or FIT's.

There are three good reasons why it makes sense to find out more about Feed In Tariffs. As from 1st April 2010, the Generation Tariff means that you'll be paid for each unit of energy you produce (for at least the next 25 years!) If you produce more energy than you need, then you'll also be paid 3p per kWh exported back to the grid through the Export Tariff. The third way of benefiting financially is of course through the much lower fuel bills you'll be receiving. As a guide, a typical 2kWp system could generate around £835 per year in total earnings and savings.

The sun is an astonishing source of energy, and every second of every day an amount of energy strikes the earth that is tens of thousands of times the amount of energy we're consuming already. By installing renewable energy products such as a solar photovoltaic system we can harness more of that free energy that's just there for the taking, and over the long term we can enjoy not only the benefits of free energy, but by taking advantage of the new Feed In Tariffs we can benefit financially too.

It's a fact that fossil fuels are running out. By the time a child starting school today reaches his or her 35th birthday, all of the known oil in all of the known oil fields of the world will most likely have gone. Oil based power plants, petrol and the million and one other machines and systems that today rely solely or largely on oil will either be defunct, or will have had to be completely reinvented.

The future of real home-based renewable energy systems is not in the imagination of story writers, but is a reality which many of us need to face now, and which our children will undoubtedly learn to accept as the only possibility in a world that will have squandered its limited resources, despite virtually unlimited resources being hurled down upon us from dawn to dusk every day of our lives.

Imagine seeing your electricity bill massively reduced, or even reading zero. Or it could even read an amount which is owed to you from the energy companies as a result of you feeding green energy into the grid.

Through Feed In Tariffs your long term investment is secure, because energy companies are contracted to buy surplus energy from you for 20 years, and for 25 years in the case of solar energy through solar panels. Your personal financial investment is secure, and your long term energy bills safely capped.

There's no doubt at all that over the remaining 40 years we have left burning oil, energy prices will rocket. Now is the ideal time to find out how easy it is to have a solar photovoltaic system installed in your home, and how easy it is to set up one of the Feed In Tariffs available from April 1st 2010. Simply complete our online form, and grab your share of the sun. Oil will only last 40 years - the sun is good for at least another 10 billion.

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